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About Bima Mandi

Formed on our homegrown premise of leave no one behind, we are a blend of the exuberance of youth, and wisdom through experience. Our endeavour is to provide the best solutions through our product offering while ensuring that there is maximum financial inclusion across all strata of society.

With a strong focus on innovation through digitization across areas of business, we believe in creating value through digital innovation & operate on a strict financial discipline to protect the interests of our customers and stakeholders.

While we are in the process of applying for a web aggregator license with the IRDA, Through Bima Mandi, we aim to bridge the gap between the under insured Indian majority and the service providers who wish to work towards creating a more stable & Self-reliant Bharat.

Our Mission

To become the online insurance distributor of choice in rural markets offering products suited to the needs of the populace through digital network reach out and enhance insurance penetration in rural geographies of India

Our Vision

To be a digital insurance distribution platform that plays a meaningful role in safeguarding the rural population of India against vagaries through education, awareness and offering catered insurance products

Our Values

Impacting Lives

Increase awareness & educate customers about the need for insurance to help them make informed decisions when safeguarding against unforeseen events.


We strive to be ethical and moral in our conduct with all stakeholders. Upholding integrity is our top priority.


We shall remain open and transparent in all our communications, interactions & business transactions, with customers & all other stakeholders.

Leadership Team

Satish Sawnani

Board Member,
Risk and Compiance

Satish has spent three decades of his professional career and has evolved as a subject matter expert in the areas of sec

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Sunil Devdas

Board Member,
Operations and Customer Relations

Sunil has more than two and a half decades of experience in financial services space. He has rich experience in retail b

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Prashant Karulkar

Board Member,
Strategy and Marketing

Prashant has an entrepreneurial journey of more than 2 decades and has interests in Financial Services, FMCG, IT, agricu

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Amit Prakash

Principal Officer,
Products, Distribution & Sales

Amit comes from insurance background having spent close to 2 decades across industries, helmed various positions across

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Chirag Jain

Director, Technology

Chirag is a young entrepreneur with more than a decade of providing technology solutions to financial institutions inclu

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Sandeep Phadke

Dean, Bima Paathshala

Sandeep has been a mariner through his professional life having spent close to 3 decades in the industry across areas of

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Our Mentor

Anil K Sachidanand


A veteran in financial services Anil has spent 3 decades in leadership positions. A specialist in incubation of retail businesses & scaling up

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